the film fest

trials of miles x ciele athletics present ” the film fest”

supported by like the wind magazine.

call for entries

the film fest by trials of miles x ciele athletics will take place on friday, december 3 in walnut, california. the top films will be screened at an event the night before the cross champs at mt. sac college. all entries must be submitted before november 24 at 11:59PM EST.



judged winner: $10,000* USD budget to produce a story-based film in ’22, aired on ciele athletics channels (previously $7,000 – with the support of like the wind magazine the prize has been increased)

audience choice: $500 cash

*the winner filmmaker will be able to tell the running story of their choice for this film. we won’t be assigning a storyline, the characters, the style, or the length of the film. this is not a product-based video or a commercial shoot. the budget is the amount rendered to the filmmaker, to cover all of the following costs (filmmaker fees, other crew fees, travel, editing, sound mixing, colour grading, equipment rental). the only cost excluded from the budget amount is music – we will have someone compose an original score for the film based on the director’s vision for tone & genre.

general rules

  • open to all filmmakers, globally
  • films must be less than 2 minutes or 120 seconds long.
  • films must have some connection to running (we will interpret “connection” broadly).
  • the festival accepts narratives, documentaries, and animations.
  • films should be uploaded in digital HD (H.264 / Mp4) format.
  • films submitted should have the rights for the music used
  • films are free to submit. no filmmaker may submit more than two entries.
  • film content must never have been used for commercial purposes
  • if submitting a film in a language other than English, please submit with English subtitles.


panel of judges


films will be judged based on the following criteria

  • originality / creativity
  • storytelling
  • pacing and structure
  • technicalities