GOCap – Iconic – Shadowcast

the original. the archetype. the industry standard soft brim run cap. race proven from boston to charlevoix, and your local 5k as well.

the GOCap – Iconic – shadowcast edition is built lightweight, reflective, machine washable, packable, topped off with ultra breathable COOLwick mesh and like all our products, the GOCap is backed by our million miles guarantee.

$50.00 CAD

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million miles guarantee: Lifetime


SOFTflat brim




Million miles warranty

– lightweight, fast-drying performance-ready COOLwick™ fabric and repreve recycled performance fiber.
– UPF +40 protection on the brim, front panel and back panel.
– machine washable.
– pliable SOFTflat brim for easy packability.
– reflective detailing on the front and back for night run visibility.
– ciele athletics™ million miles guarantee.
– 5 panel fit. 58 cm. adjustable. one size fits most. see product guide to compare fits.
– weight 62 grams.
– designed for people who run.

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58 cm


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/  brandon (verified buyer)
I love this hat. I am a tall (6'3") dude and I have a big-ish head (one-size-fits-most hats sometimes look too-small on me), so I was a little bit worried about how it would fit. The model on the info page looked like a tall guy with a biggish head, too, though, so that gave me some courage to go for it, and I wasn't disappointed. It feels, fits, and looks great. It's not a trucker hat or a big New Era baseball hat - it's a running hat and it has that low-profile look, but it doesn't look or feel too-small or weird. The material feels great and dries fast. I haven't had it long enough to comment on durability, but it certainly feels sturdy. I'm sure there are folks with bigger heads than me out there, and YMMV, but if you're just a tall dude with a head at the big end of the normal spectrum, this hat will work for you.
/  eugene (verified buyer)
This is my 1st running specific hat, it checks all the boxes and then some.
/  yoav (verified buyer)
This hat is amazing. It is beautiful, comfortable and I wear it ALL the time.
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