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GOCap – Athletics – Ghost

rooted in ciele’s established standards, the GOCap – Athletics – Ghost is our starting point for every runner running their own personal race. this ciele athletics cap is built using REPREVE, the world’s number one brand of recycled performance fiber.

SOFTflat brim
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– lightweight, fast drying performance ready COOLwick™ fabric and repreve recycled performance fiber.
– UPF +40 protection on the brim, front panel and back panel.
– machine washable.
– pliable brim for easy packability.
– reflective detailing on the front for night run visibility.
– ciele athletics™ million miles guarantee.
– 5 panel fit. 58 cm. adjustable. one size fits most. see size guide.
– weight 62 Grams.
– designed for people who run.

Weight 0.062 kg
Dimensions 26 × 18 cm



58 cm


3 reviews for GOCap – Athletics – Ghost

  1. erichenao (verified owner)

    First hat I’ve purchased from ciele. Have to say I’m impressed. If you’ve been running for a bit, you’ve gotten “running” hats from stores you’ve been frequenting and you think, this is the best it gets with hats. Right? No. As I have learned there is a difference between the big name brands that invade our retail store markets vs the small brands that are focused on the niche market. ciele has focused on the RUNNER hat. They have the different styles of hat that will work for just about anyone. They, rightfully, understand that there is no one size fit all mantra when it comes to hats.

    I run in Houston, TX. It gets hot and humid here. My had needs to WICK and keep glaring sun off my near bald head and out of my eyes. It needs to be comfortable for 45min runs to multi-hour runs. It needs to be adjustable and stay adjusted. This hat does all of that.

    This five panel fits my head and feels good. The brim is wide with a slight curve and is a tad longer than most normal running hats or baseball hats. Will you notice it, probably not, but then the sun won’t be hitting you in your eyes off from the side like it always does… The brim is also softer and more flexible, but it does stay in place. It doesn’t need to be molded into a place.

    Ever notice how you love when you pick up a hat a notice that it has the plastic clasp in the back to clip together and adjust? You’re like “cool!” but then you notice that the tail end of the adjustment strap then just flops off and looks like a mini tail. Not so here, it actually tucks into the hat. It’s this small detail that has won me over with everything about this hat.

    Yes, it’s white, and for some that’s not exciting. For me, it’s much more, it’s allowed me to be focused on what this hat is, does it fit, does it operate correctly, does it WORK on my head. Resoundingly YES to all.

    I’m looking forward to my future ciele hat purchases for some outrageous color and print designs.

    Thank you ciele.

    Eric Henao
    Houston, TX.

  2. Luke (verified owner)

    I bought this hat as a compliment to my other GoCap in the seawall colourway. Both have been fantastic and I now pretty much strictly wear Ciele hats even when I’m not running. The comfort and technology that goes into these hats is unmatched and I wouldn’t be opposed to owning a third. Althogh I do have one complaint about the manufacturing consistency. Both my go caps are supposed to be exactly the same aside from the colour but the Ghost colourway has some slight stitching differences along the side panels of the hat. I think the panels might be slightly taller because it doesn’t fit my head as nicely as my previous one. It’s nothing serious but if I’m paying $40 for a hat I would expect the manufacturing to be identical and consistent. That’s the only thing holding me back from a 5 star review. So for now 4 stars from me for the GoCap.

    • Customer Support

      Hey Luke, thanks for reviewing our cap. If you’re seeing something that doesn’t look right, you can always reach out to our customer support at [email protected] with your order number and photos documenting the issue. We’d be glad to make sure you’re receiving a top quality product, as always.

  3. Joe (verified owner)

    The hat is great, comfortable and theres loads of nice details inside and out. It’s just a really well thought out cap, and you get the feel that you’re supporting a great small company by shopping with these guys.

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