our giveback partner – pour 3 points

pour 3 points believes in social equality for youth from underprivileged neighbourhood. they are convinced that, someday, all of them will have the opportunity to develop their potential to become happy, resilient and healthy adults involved in their community.

in order to have underprivileged youth benefit from an environment that will inspire confidence, build structure and foster a sense of well-being in both sport and life in general, pour 3 points has been supporting and training sport coaches for the last ten years to become life coaches, leaders and mentors.

youth who engage in sport have an intrinsic desire to succeed. fueled and properly channeled, this transcends physical activity; at school, their home environment and in their community. the coaches from pour 3 points prioritize developing key skills so that these youth can attain their true potential, and take ownership of their future. through sport, they are preparing for life.

your contribution will help fund training and ongoing support for the network of coaches, so that they can become mentors for these young athletes.

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