Join group runs wherever you are, or organize your own runs among friends and in your community. Find running events, run coaches, run specialty stores, healthy restaurants, juice bars, the best spots for those post run microbrews and more, all curated by local runners. Welcome to your running community. Everybody Run.

#1 – Lets Get Started, Understanding the Pins……

“Service” Pins

Looking for a great vegetarian restaurant or health food store? Thinking about getting a coach to help with your training? Looking for an osteopath to help with that nagging pain post run? Looking for a local Marathon to get ready for, or a clinic on how to train for an ultra marathon? Got a sweet tooth or enjoy a good post-run beer? we’ve got that covered too….Have a look at our Yellow service pins on your map for Runner-sourced services in your community. Think something is missing or needs an update? feel free to “Suggest a service” accessed using the “menu” icon  at the top left.

“Run” Pins

For those of you looking for a place to run, a group to run with, it’s as simple as opening the app and finding a run near you. Click on a Green run pin to view it’s summary, then swipe up to see the details

“Retailer” Pins

Select the black pins to find community driven Ciele Athletics specialty retailers near you for the best run ready gear, advice and service. Get directions, link to their website or contact them directly via phone or email. Retailer pins with a red center are Ciele “Select” retailers and carry a full array of styles (subject to availability) It’s always recommended to check with a retailer if they have stock before visiting.

#2 -Making the App work for you, Personalization

“Date” Filter

Below the search bar sits the date filter which allows you to narrow down the “run” pins by date. Switch to “Today” or a specific “Date” if you are thinking of attending something further afield. Leave it on the default to view all.

“Pin” Filter

Choose from the “Show Filters” dropdown the specific elements you are interested in viewing, or leave as a default and see everything your community has to offer.

“Settings” Menu

Click the “Menu” Icon in the top left corner of your screen and then click “Settings” to customize your map view and distance measure

#3 – Working with “runs”, Join and Create….

Join existing run

Browse for Green pins on the map or view “Nearby” from the “find runs” link at the bottom of the home screen to see if there’s something of interest, click the title to see the details or left swipe on it and click “GO” to link to the event on your map. If you’d like to join click “run it”…it’s that easy!

Share a Run

Once you have joined a run you may have the option to share (if enabled by the run creator). Simply click “share” to invite friends to take part in the run with you. In Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we’ve even loaded your clipboard with the run info ready to “paste” into your posting.

Create a Run

Have a group of people you like to run with regularly? Want to start running with a core crew of friends?  From the “find runs” main menu hit the “create run” button and get your crew organized. Create, share, and edit and all attending members will be kept in the loop via notifications.



Decide between starting at “Current location” or by adding a pin on the map. (To “add” a pin simply push down on the location on the screen) Define the route by dropping additional “pins” to indicate twists and turns. The distance is automatically calculated to create the perfect length run.


If you’d like to change the route, simply hold and drag the specific pin to relocate it. Tap on the pin to reveal the option to “delete pin” or delete “all” and start the route again.


Would you rather keep your runs a private affair? To make sure only you and your invited runners show up at run’s you’ve planned, be sure to set the run to “closed”. Leave them “open” to make them visible to anyone using the app in your community.


Want your run group to grow faster? Say yes to “Allow invite Request” and allow any attendees to share your run event with their friends.

Editing, Resetting or Removing a run you’ve created

Last minute location change? Want to move the time or the date of the run you’ve already planned? In the “find runs” menu, simply left swipe the title of your run and click on “edit” . Make the updates and add an explanation as to why you’ve made changes and then it’s pushed out to all your attendees. *Note – Right swipe on the title of the run and choose “msg” if you have a simple message to send to attendees.

Your run is done but you want to do it again next week? Click on the “find runs” menu and you’ll notice your expired run is highlighted in yellow. Left swipe the title of the run , click “edit” and change up all the details you want and set a new date and time.  Add the “reason for updating” and the app will push it out to all the previous attendees and allow you to invite more.

Need to cancel the run you’ve organized? Want to bow out of a run you’ve already joined? Find the run in the “find runs” menu and swipe left on the title and click on the “remove” button.

Anything unclear? Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]