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Can we make this happen…….

The Start. The nervous energy. Are we ready? Can we make this happen? Or even just reach the goal we’ve set out for ourselves?

the way we wanted…………

This idea has been percolating for the better part of 2 decades. Working for other brands, with other people and on other projects, the timing wasn’t right, we weren’t sure we had the guts, or the depth to make Ciele Athletics™ happen the way we wanted to. The way we needed to.

just a cap………

And then, it just started falling into place. We started at the top, “just a cap” some might say. To say we’re pacing ourselves might be an understatement. We’re comfortable with that.

a different kind of brand………

In the long run though, we’re really excited to bring you a different kind of sportswear, a different kind of company, a different kind of brand. So here we are at the start. Everybody Run.

We are Ciele Athletics™.

Focused on Performance & Protection, Ciele Athletics™ supports Creation & Innovation for Athletes and Adventurers of all kinds.

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