4 streets & 3 left turns: RUNAROUND125

Words by: @computer.legs Pictures by: @gophobservation Original Article Link: http://www.troisiemeoeil.space/runaround125 We weren’t all born and raised in Montreal, but this is where we are from. So it was 5:45AM. Saturday. December 1st, 2018. Here we were, 6 runners of varying ability from NDG’s Run Rite Athletics Club, 1 weather-hardened photog on his trusty single-speed, and 1 saint who borrowed his mom’s car to shepherd us between checkpoints. The idea was simple and the organization was… well, let’s…


3 steps for meaningful community building

We all love clickbait. Who doesn’t!? It’s so fulfilling, but then again, so not. Clickbait is like a mediocre run/walk club; it gets the job done at the beginning, but you quickly tire of it. Ranging from “the 5 best strength training exercises for runners” to “your top-3 things to buy a runner for Christmas” … and as low as “the 4 things to eat to become a great runner”, or worse, “The 10 steps…

Back on My Feet

Back on My Feet, and the impact of 4%

By Eugene Kim (@hi_im_euge) “He told me, one hour is four percent of your day,” he said, about advice he had received from Boston Marathon legend, Wayne Levy. “If I can’t find ONE hour for something I love…” Terence and I were enjoying breakfast overlooking the Pacific Ocean in San Diego. Over french toast and breakfast potatoes at a favorite local watering hole, the Naked Cafe, we caught up on life and shared conversation about everything…