Phantasm x ciele

the shoe that just wants to go fast. the Phantasm x Ciele is a running shoe born to propel you forwards. an ode to animal speed and inner pace, featuring Energy Blade for snappy toe-offs and strong propulsion, and Energy Surge foam for smooth and responsive transitions.

the Phantasm x ciele is covered in our cheetah print. a unique take on the world’s fastest land animal and a nod to that elite, all out state of mind where speed and pace join, and everything else falls away. the black rock cheetah spots seemingly slide away to reveal a molten red, a tip of the hat to our original red rocks edition.

“my pace is my pace” and “my speed is my speed” printed on the black midsole implore us to run our own race every day.

$245.45 AUD

– EASY PROPULSION: a tag team effort between Energy Blade and our light and springy Energy Surge foam delivers a super smooth, responsive run.
– FAST TRANSITION: our signature rocker geometry, R.Camber, ensures a quicker transition –so you spend less time on the ground, and more time moving forward.
– DISTINCTIVE DESIGN: a nod to the unspoken synergy between the unparalleled speed and pace of the world’s fastest land animal.

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